neděle 29. ledna 2012

6.1. 2012
This harmonic balancer was my first attempt of electrolytic rust removing.

After three days still in the  solution.

čtvrtek 5. ledna 2012

Yesterday was very special day for me because my transmission was delivered from an overhaul procedure

and my car stops looking like this

and starts looking like a car.......... sometime.

Last few days I spend like my garage. I have disassembled my engine to the bone and cleaned every parts from oil.

pátek 16. prosince 2011

Today I have working on my new CPU cooler. I need to modify my own design of holder for CPU cooler because of heatpipes.

And finally installed in my HTPC. It was more difficult then I expect.

On Thursday I bring my engine and transmission back home....

and separate the transmission from the engine.

On this picture is my transmission leaving my garage in the truck.

neděle 11. prosince 2011

pátek 9. prosince 2011

After 2 hours of work with my buddy my car is looking like this .

I decide to remove engine and transmission because of transmission slipping, and make an general overhaul procedure.